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Discover the North East Oregon Fastnet Difference

Are you looking for faster Internet? Are you moving and need Internet service at your new home? Are you starting a business that requires high-speed Internet? North East Oregon Fastnet has the solution for you in the areas of Athena, Adams, Weston, Walla Walla Valley and the Blue Mountains western slopes. With speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps, you can now keep up with everything the Internet offers.

High-speed wireless Internet is available where you are. Using radio waves from a tower in your community you get a fast connection to the World Wide Web. It is the fastest and easiest option in Internet service, and has no wires, cables, or satellite dishes to install. That means you are set-up and ready to go online quickly.

What You Can Do With Wireless Internet

When you choose wireless Internet for your service, you can do anything you want to do online.

Learn More About NEO Fast

Opt for our wireless Internet service and get security, reliability, speed, and unlimited access. You never again have to worry about interruptions, slowdowns, latency, and sluggish downloads, like with other Internet service providers. In addition, NEO Fast has no data caps, so you have unlimited access to the Internet around the clock.

Get North East Oregon Fastnet wireless Internet today. Call our customer service team to learn more. We’ll be happy to explore your area to see if it is a good fit for our service. A single wireless tower can service users within 15 miles. And with the most competitive prices in the business, NEO Fast has you covered.